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white limousineWhenever I am in the mood to travel, I feel it’s always a nice change up to get chauffeured around the city while I kick back with loved ones and enjoy the ride.

So last week as my family and I were making plans for our little “not so far away get away” we decided to choose one of the top rated limo companies recommended by a well respected friend of mine.

We were completely blown away by the experience and never thought that we would ever have such an unforgettable experience.

The chauffeurs were incredibly polite and professional.  They were actually better than on time, they were 15 min early and made sure we got to all of our destinations safely and made it a habit to take the beautiful scenic route.

Our Columbus limo rental was superb and I highly recommend Luxury Limos Columbus to anyone in the area looking for a good time.

Anyways about where we went.

After being picked up we decided to take a wondrous ride through one of our nationally acclaimed parks.

After leaving the park we drove downtown a bit to suck up some of the awe of the tall skyscrapers and the exciting life of the busy streets.

We ended our night by dining in one of the finest Italian restaurants Columbus has to offer and we all ate to our hearts content and had a fabulous time.

I wonder what my cholesterol will have to say about that!

I won’t spoil where we actually sat down to eat because that’s going to be a another whole blog post for you to enjoy with us.

All in all the night was unforgettable and I believe it’s going to be a memory we as a family talk about for a long time to come.

Luxury Limos Columbus made all of that possible.

I guess that about sums it up for this post here, I can’t wait to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,

The Columbus Traveler

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Welcome To Jeffery Hunter Movies

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the site and I encourage you to live a life of complete ecstasy and enjoy traveling around the buckeye state as if you were in a movie.

I love to travel in my home town of Columbus, Ohio and wanted to share some of the awesome places that I tend to visit when I get a sudden spark for adventure.

Not only will this site detail the good, but it will detail the bad as well.

We all know that not every place you visit is going to be enjoyable.

So sit back, have your bags packed, and embark on this journey with me to the wonder we call Columbus!

See you again soon.

Mildred Schiefelbein

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